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  • 8 September 2022
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining us for this Hackathon!  Good luck, we’re all excited to see your work as you use NLP for good.

As you get started, I wanted to make sure I provided some important links and information.  First, make sure to check out the livestream we did to kick off the hackathon:

It will give an overview and some ideas for the types of projects you might choose.  In the livestream I talk about several very important links, that I’ll list here:

DevPost Landing - Home base for the Hackathon details.  Hopefully, you’ve already registered here.

Developer Portal - You must sign up for an account on our developer portal in order to reach the APIs. 

Documentation - Very important, of course, not only to see the proper way to call the API but also to see details about the models themselves, how they work, their output, etc.


Expert.ai Github - Here you can find our Java, Python, and NodeJS SDKs which will help you get up and running quickly on your project.

Kaggle - You can find a wide variety of text and documents to use in your NLP project here.  Could be especially useful if you’re trying to address a non-web use case.

Hopefully, this gives you enough to get started.  In the upcoming days, I’ll share more useful information, so make sure to keep checking back.  Also, feel free to ask any questions you have on this forum or directly to me at bmunz@expert.ai

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!

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