Response status code: 500 - Python SDK

  • 9 March 2021
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This is happening with expertai-nlapi-2.1.3

I have an export from a product (Roam Research) that is return results in a psedu-markdown template. I've extracted it out and then run the following code to clean it up a little bit:

eaiString = eaiString + s.get('string').replace('\n', ' ').replace('\r', ' ').replace('{',' ').replace('}',' ') + "\n"
I then called the SDK with the following code

document = client.specific_resource_analysis(
body={"document": {"text":text}},
params={'language':'en', 'resource': 'relevants'})

The text is about 6500 lines and 658k characters.

I had submitted a much smaller excerpt earlier with out any problems so I don't think its an authentication issue.


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If you have a larger document, try chunking the text or using the Edge NL API instead to avoid issues!