Match Supplier Invoice product data with Customer Purchase product data and customer Purchase receipt

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Hi Bmunz,

As discussed previously. I would like to learn how studio rules can that we create helps to match both supplier and purchase invoices along with Purchase receipts in a 3Combination way.

First step I would like to learn is Does reads the PDF document from OCR as it is a demo requirement.If it does how are you guys do it at and if its not how you resolve these kind of issues

Second Step would be building the rules in Studio

Here are the attached supplier, Purchase order and purchase receipt invoice in a PDF and PNG format.

Here Sanitarium Dairy company is Supplier

Coles is purchasing the order as you can see it with the product SKU’s

Also there is a Coles purchase receipt with 2 pages and I want to know if we can match the three by building semantics around the product.

It would be appreciated if you can help me as we are going to present a demo in 2 weeks.



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