How Can Outsourcing Video Transcription Services Benefit Your Company?

  • 1 November 2021
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Outsourcing is one of the most important methods for organizations to become more efficient and successful, both financially and in terms of human resources. Beyond the traditional outsourcing functions, today’s businesses are looking at the sheer amount of recorded audio and video content to see how they can outsource and turn it into something more valuable.

Outsourcing transcriptions is a natural next step for organizations that capture audio and video from meetings, interviews, podcasts, webinars, and other relevant content. When you transcribe a video to text, it becomes instantaneously searchable, legible, and ready to publish or share in any format.

Here are a few interesting reasons to consider outsourcing transcribing services if you haven’t already:

1. Refocus on your company

It’s never a bad idea to focus on your major company operations, goals, and strategies. Every firm, in some form, has limited resources, and every department manager has limited time and attention daily. Outsourcing transcribing services may let your company focus on initiatives that improve your products/services, as well as other duties and activities that increase client retention, engagement, and loyalty.

Even entry-level staff will enjoy greater creativity and drive overall by not having to deal with dictation and speech-to-text, which your organization will reap the benefits of.

2. Budget-Friendly

Whether your business relies heavily on video transcriptions, hiring a full-time or part-time person to focus entirely on that work can be, put it bluntly, a waste of money. Why? You’ll most likely pay that employee a wage determined by the employment contract, which means you’ll pay the same amount regardless of the number of video transcriptions performed every month. As a result, assigning such duties to a third-party service means you’ll only be charged for the duration of the video file.

3. Easier to Understand

When using an in-house transcriptionist, keep in mind that if your transcriptionist goes on vacation or sick leave, you will need to locate a substitute for your employee. This includes interviewing, signing contracts, explaining business regulations, and, in certain cases, giving training.

Because you will require a replacement, it would be a better option to outsource the transcriptions right now. As a result, totally or temporarily outsourcing the labour is a viable option. This implies that no contracts or agreements with the service provider are required, which saves time.

4. Enhance your competitive edge

When it comes to R&D, marketing, distribution, customer service, and other critical activities, businesses that insist on doing everything in-house have considerably higher costs. Of course, these costs are passed on to the client, who may or may not be prepared to pay a greater price for what you’re selling.

Even small firms may operate on a larger scale by outsourcing any service. Your startup or small business may become more efficient, high-performing, and ahead of the game at every step by engaging the help of outsourced firms to aid in a range of business activities. Outsourced providers’ cost structure and economies of scale may help firms save labour expenses, ramp up projects rapidly, and achieve a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.

5. Ensures adaptability

As previously said, the amount of material you want transcribed varies. You don’t need to get your files transcribed every day. As a result, outsourcing makes more sense than paying an in-house employee a full wage for irregular labour.

An expert can manage a sudden surge of work and may be added to or removed from a retainer as needed during difficulties. This flexibility saves money and speeds up the turnaround time.

6. Increase the accuracy of your transcriptions

It required a qualified person to convert video files to text. If you require an employee to transcribe audio besides their usual tasks, the accuracy rate is likely to suffer.

With recent developments in AI technology, achieving a near-perfect transcription with excellent quality audio capture is now achievable.

Where to get the best video to text transcription service?

Video transcriptions allow audio-visual material to be converted into words or other readable formats, guaranteeing that the content is of high quality. Meanwhile, keeping its uniqueness is critical in order for our clients to understand it. Cogito Tech LLC provide best video to text transcription services, and they have a competitive advantage over our competitors in offering the finest transcription services using AI-backed data training sets for machine learning to transform video contents into a rich transcript.

Transcription with us will provide you with accurate and timely results across several quality assurance levels. For content privacy and secrecy, we use high-encryption transcription.

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