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  • 26 May 2021
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Hey everyone! 

Does anyone know how Expert AI NL API assigns a score to each of the Key Elements and topics? Are the results ranked in a scale from 0 to 100 or could they also score more (or less) than that? 

Thank you in advance 

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Hello Adriman2,


I don’t know exactly how the score is assigned, tho I know what it represents, which is the strength of an element in the text - key element or topic.

The score is not meant to be absolute, meaning that it is not meant to be compared from one document to another. It is meant to be relative, so it can be compared in the same document looking at scores of different elements (eg. “The element a is far more relevant than element b since its score it’s much higher”).

The score is not normalized, it doesn't vary in a strict bound, but it fluctuates sensibly in different documents based on many factors (length is one of them).

If you need to compare the score between documents my advice would be to find a way to normalize it first (maybe transforming it in a percentage?).


Hope this helps!