Thank You & Congratulations!

  • 23 June 2021
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Thank You & Congratulations!
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Our Sentiment and Opinion Mining NL API Hackathon is officially over!  It’s been incredible getting to know you (virtually) during this time, and based on what I’ve seen already, you’ve all created some amazing projects!  I hope you had a fun time creating your projects and working with our NL API.  We’ll be reaching out to you in the near future for any feedback you may have.  We’re always looking to improve.

So, what happens now?  Starting very soon, we’ll begin the process of judging your entries and will announce the winner on July 15.  Stay tuned.

Once again, thanks for participating and best of luck to all of you!

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It was an amazing journey! 

Just a note in addition: daily reset of usage quotas for all hackathon participants will continue until the announcement of of winners. So, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to continue working on your PoC and make it shine!


Thanks for participation!

Francesco Baldassarri