Release of three new NL API Extensions!

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Hi Community!


Today we’re announcing the release of three new NL API Extensions!

The first two are Emotional Traits and Behavioral Traits.

  • Emotional Traits add another layer to analyzing the sentiment in a document by identifying the emotions associated with certain words in the text. Categories such as surprise, excitement, or sadness, which go much deeper than a positive/neutral/negative sentiment.
  • Behavioral Traits are specific personality traits associated with people in the text. This extension can identify a person as being polite, extroverted, or calm, for example, and helps with the richness of the information extracted from the text.

In addition, we have also released Writeprint, which performs a stylometric analysis of the document, which ranges from readability and vocabulary richness, to verb types and tenses, registers, document structure and grammar. It can help identify the author (like a fingerprint) or compare authors.


We’re very excited to hear your thoughts on these new features! Let us know what you think!

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