New Temporal Information Extension and other updates!

  • 27 July 2021
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Hi everyone,

Two updates in the world of NL API extensions were released today.  First, the Behavioral and Emotional Traits classifiers now support the German language.  Hopefully our German friends will find this news to be wunderbar!

Also, we’re excited to show you our new Temporal Information detection extension.  What is temporal information you may be wondering?  Basically, it’s data and information that is related to the measurement of time.  Extremely useful time-based information is often buried within large volumes of text and unstructured data and the goal of this extension is to identify and extract this information.  While identifying this temporal information can be immediately useful, this extension goes a step further and normalizes this information into a common time format, the ISO-8601 standard.  This will make it easier for developers to take the temporal information and more quickly integrate it into their solutions.

Now to the nitty gritty.  What types of temporal information does this extension identify?  So far, this extension identifies 3 main concepts of time:

  • Time point – an exact measure of a moment in time. For example, “1973” or “December 14, 1977.”
  • Time interval – a range of time between two time points.  For example “from October to December” or “from 1773 to 1803.”
  • Time span – a quantity of time.  For example “two decades” or “3 centuries.”

As I mentioned, the API will identify these types of temporal information and even convert some into more normalized and understandable units.

See it in action here and check out our documentation for more detail.

As usual feel free to DM me with any questions, comments, feedback, ideas, or anything else!


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