New NL API Hackathon!

New NL API Hackathon!
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Hi Experts!

We were so impressed and amazed by the projects created for our natural language & text hackathon that we’ve decided to hold another one!  This time the challenge is focused on sentiment & opinion mining using our NL API.  In this challenge participants will be asked to create applications which integrate analysis of sentiment and emotions of text and communications.

Perhaps you could make an app which analyzes YOUR OWN sentiment and how you come across in your emails. Or maybe you could analyze how opinions have changed on various topics since the pandemic hit. Whatever you decide to do, we’re preparing to be blown away.

Please head over to the DevPost landing page to get more information on the challenge, timing, and prizes, and to register to participate.  Once you’re registered, make sure to check out the community group we created for this event here:

In this group you’ll be able to communicate with us at expert on the logistics and details of the event.

Good luck, everyone, we can’t wait to see what you’ve built!


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