Expert.​ai Studio version 3.4.0 plug-in for Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA has been released!

  • 26 March 2021
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Dear Community,

it’s a pleasure to announce that a new Stable version, the 3.4.0, of expert.​ai Studio’s plug-in for Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA is now available, and you can update it directly within the IDE in the Plug-In section under  File>Settings if you already installed it, or install it from Jetbrains Plug-ins Marketplace at


This is a major update which brings multiple bug fixes, overall experience improvement and new features and capabilities.


New features:

  • [Report View] Delete report using "del" key
  • [Taxonomy] Add number of rules and annotations for every node of taxonomy
  • Create Project from a CPK file
  • “What's New” tab in Assistant ToolWindow
  • Project - Option to select Knowledge Graph folder


  • [Report View] Categorization Hits and Extraction Hits columns always visible in Files table
  • Source code of Studio plugin was migrated to Java 11
  • FindResults box moved from ToolWindow to Dialog
  • Added a column "Annotated Value" to Annotation's table
  • Custom Destination Directory for Deploy Action must be empty
  • Knowledge Graph - Remove auto-selection of link type on concept (syncon) selection
  • Annotations - Modified document should not allow annotations


  • Edge NL API url
  • Semantic View synchronization with editor text cursor
  • Search box in Knowledge Graph was not updated if not visible
  • Connection error refreshing Knowledge Graph list
  • Studio Plugin exception hides IDEA 2020.3 mainframe
  • Multiline annotations
  • Taxonomy edits not working properly
  • Repository host check occasionally fails
  • Console log view - sorting by date fails
  • Debugger - Local arrays size
  • UI - Slowness with thousands of files in test folder
  • UI - freeze closing a project when jscriptR debugger is running

Plus other minor fixes and improvements…


Note: version 3.4.0 of Studio plugin is currently available only for those who installed it through Jetbrains Marketplace on IntelliJ IDEA (2020.3.* or 2021.1.*), not for Studio IDE ( as this version update will be directly included in the upcoming major release of the software. Please, be patient. 


Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback! Your suggestions are critical to us to make the upcoming version of our software even better! We want to hear from you! And the community is the right place to do so! :)


Thanks for your attention!

Francesco Baldassarri
your friendly community manager <3

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