Studio Core version 3.16 has been released!

  • 20 December 2021
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 Dear Community,

After weeks of hard work, the Studio Team is thrilled to announce the release of a new major release of Studio Core, version 3.16, another step forward for the plugin for Studio IDE, Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate, Community or Edu editions) and for Android Studio.

Along with multiple bug fixes, an overall UX refinement and a set of new features, we are also introducing several critical milestones in this release:  


Rule Testbed

Quickly test code snippets on your document sets.


Rule Inspection

Static code analysis tool to help users avoid common errors like duplicates in lists, rule similarity, rule equality and orphan files.


Local Deployment Agent (SLDA)

A local prototyping tool built into Studio that allows for experimenting on a symbolic linguistic solution through server APIs directly into your workspace.


Analysis Comparison Panel

The report tool window has been redesigned. A new type of report view has been added to compare different analysis.


Enterprise Edition

A rich set of new features now available to the users of Platform.


To Update

For Studio IDE users

Note: version 3.16 of Studio Core is available only for Studio IDE version ≥2021.1.* (that can be downloaded at

It can be updated through the Studio IDE “Check for Updates” functionality:

Studio > Check for Update...



For IntelliJ IDEA users

Note: version 3.16 of Studio Core plugin is currently available through JetBrains Marketplace for users of IntelliJ IDEA version 2021.1.*. or 2021.2.*

It can be updated through the IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Manager:


We would like to remind you that you can update it directly within the IntelliJ IDEA in the Plug-In section under File>Settings if you already installed it, or download/install it manually from the Jetbrains Plug-ins Marketplace at


Let’s share the full changelog (version 3.16): 


### Milestones

* Rule Testbed

* Rule Inspection

* Local Deployment Agent (SLDA)

* Analysis Comparison Panel

* Enterprise Edition


### Additional New features

* Ability to login on multiple instances of Platform at the same time

* Studio Settings to save and manage Platform profiles from the "Magic Box"

* Project Cleanup

* Analysis Results toolWindow

* Add Tag Hierarchy script to Studio JR modules

* Icons Refactoring

* Layout - Synchronize text with annotations

* Implement auto-suggestion of taxonomy node when annotating

*  The ability to check if we have non-referenced Studio modules when opening a project without Studio modules

* Analysis Report Extension - Produce report for single file

* Analysis Report Extension - DDIS/KG to use

* Warning for file casing mismatch with rules

* Added a switch to annotation views to keep all annotation highlighted


### Fixed

* Fix syntax highlight on backslashes

* New test file from "documents" folder is created in the "test" folder instead

* Annotation of multiple extractions does not work

* KG panel empty until button pressed

* LEMMA drop-down menu

* Slow operations are prohibited on EDT

* Wrong CaseMismatchFiles errors

* Segments panel does not appear when doing the first analysis on a project which uses segments

* Sections toolWindow doesn't refresh his status

* It's not possible to execute Studio Plugin and Studio IDE at the same time


### Linguistic Engine

* If the import filename does not match the casing on the filesystem, the compilation fails

* Managed long (>256) and unicode path on windows

* Fixed strchar warning with '%%' and rightref flexible sequence check with '<<'

* Added "inverted syntax" for flexible sequence <<> <<n:m> like strict and loose

* Expanded +SCRIPT syntax to TRANSFORMATION field

* Added new syntax error on NEXT operand

* Changed TOKEN transformer behaviour on TAGGER rules now tags WORD level

* Now checkUserProfile checks the code and return correct value

* Changed UTF-8 input conversion for JNI to fix CESU problem on GetStringUTFChars

* Changed UTF-8 input/output conversion for jscript to fix CESU problem

* Datamodel: enabled relations rendering on full analysis request

* Added new SCRIPT parameter on transformer

* Added new getTemplates() on CTX object available on jscriptr

* Added helper functions and documentation for extraction manipulation


### Changes

* NormalizePost - New features and improvements

* Report - Redesign toolWindow

* Introduced compatibility support IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2.*

* Dropped Compatibility with IntelliJ IDEA 2020.*


Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback! Your suggestions are critical to help us improve the upcoming version of our software! We want to hear from you! And the community is the right place to do so! :)

Thanks for your attention!

Francesco Baldassarri

your friendly community manager <3

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