Studio Core version 3.10.2 has been released!

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Amazing Community! Team is thrilled to announce the release of Studio Core version 3.10.2, the new major release of the plugin for Studio IDE, Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate, Community or Edu editions) and for Android Studio.

A huge step forward for our entity and relationship extraction and automatic document categorization environment, adding new functionalities and improving performance and stability.


To Update

For Studio IDE users

Note: version 3.10.2 of Studio Core is available only for Studio IDE version ≥2021.1.* (that can be downloaded at

It can be updated through the Studio IDE “Check for Updates” functionality:



For IntelliJ IDEA users

Note: version 3.10.2 of Studio Core plugin is currently available through Jetbrains Marketplace for users of IntelliJ IDEA version 2020.3.* or 2021.1.*.

It can be updated through the IntelliJ IDEA Plugins Manager:


We would like to remind that you can update it directly within the IntelliJ IDEA in the Plug-In section under File>Settings if you already installed it, or download/install it manually from Jetbrains Plug-ins Marketplace at


As any major update like this, version 3.10.2 brings along with it multiple bug fixes, overall experience improvement and new features.

In version 3.10.2, we introduced three main capabilities we are really proud of: the opportunity to export and import documents and annotations with/to a zip file; the compatibility encoding scheme for UTF-16 (8-Bit) to get the better of UTF-8 Java limitations; and finally, a feature that will enable activation of different Studio Edition license through a dedicate panel.


Let’s share the full changelog (version 3.10.1 + version 3.10.2): 



* Export/Import documents and annotations as zip file

* Studio Edition management feature in License panel

* Better UTF-8 management to overcome Java limitations (CESU-8 Java management)


Additional New features:


* [ENTERPRISE EDITION ONLY] Import Knowledge Graph extensions from CSV

* Added JSonPlug, JMesPlug, Moment to jr module library. New "Updatable scripts" notification

* Added Validation flag to Dataset Analysis

* Expanded SCRIPT syntax to TRANSFORMATION field

* Added variant of OPTIONAL with mandatory operands ("MANDATORY")

* Knowledge Graph - Add popup menu to commit button



* Long build times

* Console - Unreadable rows in Output table.

* If I use a non-existing LEMMA or SYNCON the console message does not tell me which one is wrong

* New project is not created properly unless you immediately open it in IntelliJ

* Invalid Commit from Knowledge Graph to rule file

* CharsetDetect - Add removeBOM Method for UTF8+BOM files

* Updating Knowledge Graph does not work when the system suggests it

* Studio is not updating a KG v.16 to KG v.

* STOP red button does not appear during massive analysis unless the user has a test document opened

* Report View - Can't order by Success/Fail

* Knowledge Graph - reset link when search box is cleaned

* Studio crashes when I write LIST > LIST rule

* Language: fixed multiple issues with segment REMOVES, POSITION END SECTION, SEGMENT DEFINITION, EXTENSION normalization, REX.substitute, BLIST in sequences 

* Possible failure replacing Knowledge Graph

* Settings Dialog - Parameters not showing

* Double build at startup

* KG - Exception if user looks for a number outside of int range

* Build - Invalid file not included in build warning

* Report View - Can't order by Success/Fail

* Resolved an issue introduced with Studio Core 3.10.1 causing a few scripts to be empty



* Removed Accuracy and True Negatives count from Studio GUI. Cleaned up quality numbers in Toolwindows

* Document quality evaluation made compliant to platform results

* Extraction - Set initial sorting to UNSORTED.

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback! Your suggestions are critical to us to make the upcoming version of our software even better! We want to hear from you! And the community is the right place to do so! :)

Thanks for your attention!

Francesco Baldassarri

your friendly community manager <3

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