Studio Core, the plugin for Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA version 3.6(.0) just released!

  • 30 April 2021
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Amazing Community!

With a hint of satisfaction, is proud to announce the release of Studio Core version 3.6, the new release of the plugin for Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate, Community or Edu editions) and for Android Studio.

A huge step forward for our entity and relationship extraction and automatic document categorization environment, adding new functionalities and improving performance and stability.

For this occasion, we renamed the plugin from Studio to Studio Core: in order, to avoid confusion with our native IDE.

We would like to remind that you can update it directly within the IntelliJ IDEA in the Plug-In section under File>Settings if you already installed it, or download/install it manually from Jetbrains Plug-ins Marketplace at


As any major update like this, version 3.6(.0) brings along with it multiple bug fixes, overall experience improvement and new features.

Let’s share the full changelog below. 


New features:

* Added TAG operator to transformer : it allows defining a tag name as the extracted value

* Added SCRIPT operator to transformer for custom value transformation

* New "Classes" ToolWindow with Taxonomy and Templates, information and counters for rules/annotations

* Includes NL Core libraries v.4.2.0

* NL Core - Added compatibility to upcoming core technology and Knowledge Graph (KG) v.16, globally UTF-8-compliant

* NL Core - Added new getTemplates() on CTX object (available on scripting environment)

* NL Core - Added helper functions, and documentation for extraction manipulation



* Studio now suggests to update disambiguator if outdated

* Global renaming of plugin from cogito-ide to studio-core

* Deploy - Studio warns user when deploying a non-released NLCore module

* Annotations - Removing "incorrect annotation" flag



* Studio Welcome - images are shown with low quality

* Annotations - Extraction: sort is not working on some element

* Annotations - Exception trying to sort list

* Sensigrafo Explorer - Exception accessing toolWindow

* Segments - Rule snippet not rendered in tree

* Tagger - Untagged tokens still appear in the final results and semantic analysis even if they were removed

* NL Core - Fixed a problem in UTF8_charpos_to_bytepos of REX module

* NL Core - Fixed a problem with UTF-8 base form

* NL Core - Fixed a problem with match keyword index

* NL Core - Fixed LOAD/EXPAND same file on two different type attribute

* NL Core - Fixed normalizepost


Note: version 3.6(.0) of Studio Core plugin is currently available through Jetbrains Marketplace for users of IntelliJ IDEA version 2020.3.* or 2021.1.*.

For Studio IDE users, version 3.6(.0) of Studio Core is available only for Studio IDE version ≥2021.1.* that can be found at

Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback! Your suggestions are critical to us to make the upcoming version of our software even better! We want to hear from you! And the community is the right place to do so! :)


Thanks for your attention!

Francesco Baldassarri

your friendly community manager <3

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