2021 Community Monthly Post - October

  • 2 November 2021
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Dear Experts!

Welcome to our first Community monthly recap! A periodic appointment to showcase everything amazing happened in expert.ai! Every month, here on expert.ai’s Community Portal!

News from expert.ai’s universe


Double Triumph!
We are thrilled to announce that expert.ai was awarded with two different prizes!
The expert.ai Platform, thanks to its innovative Hybrid NL technology, has been awarded Best Natural Language Processing Technology in the 2021 AI Tech Awards shipped during the annual AI DevWorld Conference. Learn More!
In addition, the same week, expert.ai Natural Language API awarded Best API Debut in 2021 API Award announced during the annual API World Conference. Learn More!



News on expert.ai Technology


The expert.ai NL API Now Available in AWS Marketplace
On the technical side, we achieved a huge step forward in making available our NLP technology more widely: expert.ai Cloud NLP API are now available on the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learn More!


Top Community’s Contents for October 2021


A few words on Hybrid AI: the new approach in Natural Language Processing developed by expert.ai to mix Symbolic and Machine Learning; a revolutionary path to solve linguistic challenges in Text Analysis.
Learn More on our Community [by femanuele]


Knowledge graphs are data structure that store all these concepts and associations, respecting their dependencies in the form of tree branches as well as differentiating the types of relations between concepts: how they enhance Natural Language Understanding technology?
Learn More on our Community [by femanuele]


Precision and Recall, F-score and Accuracy: four values to measure NLP performance.
Let’s jump into a slightly more in-depth definition for each one of these, before addressing the most important point, that is why they’re relevant.
Learn More on our Community [by femanuele]


Part-of-Speech Tagging to understand every sentence at a grammatical level. POS Tagger will recognize proper nouns, phrases, and idioms so that multiple words can be grouped together, when that makes sense.
Learn More on our Community [by femanuele]


Everything is text, and text is data! From audio files using speech recognition and NLP to transform speech into knowledge with HuggingFace/Facebook AI and expert.ai.
Learn More on our Community [by Samuel]


Natural Language Processing Career Path: Knowledge Engineer, Computational Linguist, Speech Technologist, NLP Scientist… what job position to look for after graduation? Landing an entry-level job in the NLP/NLU industry.
Learn More on our Community [by gdellacorte]


Community “NLP Streams” Webinar Series for October 2021


Integrating NLP With Amazon Alexa [October the 28]
In this episode, Steve Nelson, an Alexa developer, discussed the benefits of integrating natural language APIs into skills (apps) for the Amazon Alexa voice service. He shared an overview of the Alexa skill development architecture, details of how to integrate the expert.ai NL API with an Alexa voice experience, and demonstrated two Alexa skills that make use of the API. Watch the episode! Discuss here!

Next Gen NLP: A Hybrid Approach [October the 14]
Learn about the benefits of adopting a hybrid AI approach for your natural language processing-based applications. Hybrid AI combines the strengths of machine learning and symbolic AI to accelerate application development while providing greater accuracy and transparency. See why machine learning alone often falls short when it comes to obtaining the depth and quality of language understanding necessary to generate business value and learn why the choice of AI technique is a key factor for success. Watch the episode! 

Upcoming Stream in November

Transform Speech into Knowledge [November the 18]
In this episode, Samuel Algherini, technical trainer for expert.ai, will share a project he created that leverages speech recognition and natural language processing to convert audio files such as voice notes, meeting recordings or podcasts into structured data. See how you can use a blend of open source and free-to-use AI models and technologies from Facebook AI, Hugging Face and expert.ai to convert speech into knowledge. Save the Date!

expert.ai Community’s Events for October 2021

The first in person hackathon by expert.ai ever!
During October, the expert.ai Academy Team held its first in person hackathon by expert.ai in Bologna, Italy. Two days of discussion and group work on the topic of artificial intelligence, 45 participants aged 18 to over 60, 7 teams engaged in a challenge of creativity and innovation to think about new application ideas based on the ability to understand and process language. The event led to the development of projects aimed at facilitating access to quality information through the support of artificial intelligence. See the Gallery!


AI Dev World 2021 open talk and API World 2021 technical sessions

Our Community Manager and NL API Product Manager, Brian Munz, delivered two engaging presentations during AI Dev World 2021 and API World 2021 conferences.
The first one,
There’s Data in That Data: Using APIs and NLP to Enrich Data Before the Analytics shows how APIs can be a powerful way to analyze the data as part of the preparation process, augmenting the data set to uncover deeper insights and make the data easier to understand. Watch the Talk!
The second one, Making the World Smaller with NLP: Using AI to Link Data and Make it Easier for Machines (and Humans) to Understand explains how the background of Linked Data (JSON-LD in particular) and how natural language processing can be used to help take advantage of this increasingly important effort. Watch the Talk!


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