2021 Community Monthly Post - November

  • 2 December 2021
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Dear Experts!

And here we are for the second recap on what happened within the expert.ai Ecosystem and Community last month.

Let’s start with

News from expert.ai’s universe


Expert.ai Establishes North American Headquarters in Boston
With the mission to continue our global expansion, leading artificial intelligence (AI) for language processing and understanding field, we opened our North American headquarter in Boston. The new location joined the network of existing 15 offices we have around the globe, and as a new critical element to push the company into the US’s vibrant technology ecosystem, which is rapidly becoming a recognized center for innovation in AI.
As Community Managers, we really hope to have the opportunity to start again joining in-person activities and events, meeting with you in Conferences, Meetups, etc.


News on expert.ai Technology


A new version of expert.ai Studio is on its way
We are working really hard to improve the experience and the performance of our flagship IDE, the expert.ai Studio. Since decades, our workspace to write custom business rules within advanced and complex linguistic solutions is a massive game changer. The team is particularly proud to share a new major release of Studio is on its way and it will bring a consistent number of milestones, new capabilities, bug fixes and minor changes. Tests are smoothly progressing, and we are pretty much ready to release further details. Stay Tuned!


Top Community’s Contents for October 2021


Do you know what Named Entities are? Can you identify their types? Can you make a distinction between them? No? We prepared a tutorial just for you to familiarize with these concepts…
Learn More on our Community [by Sofia Canino]


NLP is not one thing: it’s not one tool, but rather a toolbox. Each scenario’s problem demands an ad hoc solution. Is the methodology relevant? Do we need to prefer Deep Learning to Symbolic? Filiberto will share his working experience dealing with NLP solutions design.
Learn More on our Community [by femanuele]


Expert.ai NL API uses the bearer token method where the username and password is sent to the proper endpoint and a bearer token is returned that is then used in all further API calls. Our colleague Brian, through a Javascript code snippet, will show you how to easily authenticate against the NL API.
Learn More on our Community [by bmunz]


Community “NLP Streams” Webinar Series for November 2021


Speech2Data [November 18]
Samuel Algherini, technical trainer for expert.ai, will show us how he used a blend of open source and free-to-use AI models and technologies from Facebook AI, Hugging Face, and expert.ai to convert speech into knowledge. Watch the episode! Discuss here!


Upcoming Stream in December

Fake News Detection: Building Trust With NLP [December 18]
In this episode of the NLP Stream, Michael O’Sullivan and Jetze Sikkema from Bywire News will discuss how they are using AI to combat fake news by leveraging NLP to verify the trustworthiness of news sources. Save the Date!

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