Anonymizing browser content

This Chrome Extension was developed during the Sentiment & Opinion Mining Natural Language API Hackathon.

The number of companies offering APIs for Natural Language Processing (NLP or NLPaaS) is increasing. Some examples of these companies are:

These APIs democratize the creation of applications capable of understanding language (both written and spoken). These applications were complicated to develop 2 years ago.

An example of an application that internally uses an NLP or NLPaaS API is Anonymizer & Sentiments Extension, which I developed during the last Expert.AI hackathon and which is available on Google Store for free download.

This extension for Google Chrome allows you to anonymize the content of the current browser tab. That is, it detects words and expressions that correspond to private information and replaces them with asterisks (*****).


What is this for? To avoid transmitting private data in a Twitch stream, in a video conference, in a class of students, etc.

In the "Settings" section of the extension you can select the types of personal data you want to anonymize: people's names, street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, license plates, web addresses, etc.:


The extension uses the Expert.AI API. In order to use the extension, you will need to paste an Expert.AI API KEY in the "Settings" section (you can get it for free from the Expert.AI developers portal).

In addition to anonymizing personal data, the chrome extension extracts the main theme of the web and analyzes the emotions of the current web (text with feelings of happiness, sadness, fear, disappointment, etc.). Here are all the screenshots of the chrome extension showing these functionalities:

This Chrome extension is not 100% perfect, it was developed during only one weekend (hackathon), but it does explain very well the kind of applications we can make using Natural Language Processing via API.

If you are thinking about adding Natural Language Processing in your web applications, mobile applications, or desktop applications, I invite you to study the solutions offered by the companies listed above. Study their products, their privacy policy, their pricing, and the levels of technical support they offer. In many projects, these NLP as a Service (NLPaaS) solutions meet the requirements, shorten development times and improve the accuracy you would get with ad-hoc solutions.

Link to Google Chrome Store: Anonymizer & Sentiments Extension 🔗.

Spanish version of this article was published here.

Genius. Great application of the Anonymizer function.

Really nicely done and very useful extension to protect privacy in everyday interactions…


Impressive! Thank you for sharing! I am going to add this extension to my Chrome!

What next steps? Are you going to add the extensionto other chromium-based extentions store? For example, for Edge browser?

As we would like to support your project in any way possible! Keep going! :D


Thanks again,

Francesco Baldassarri

your friendly community manager <3

P.S.: I even love the “16-bit style” graphic! ;D