How to use custom taxonomies with NL API

  • 5 April 2022
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What we are looking for?

Something similar to but with custom taxonomies


Are custom taxonomies only possible with Studio?

Based on my readings, it appears custom taxonomies can only be defined using Studio.

  1. The thread above is a few months old, is it still true?
  2. Is there a documentation / guide on how to use the Studio?
  3. Basically, we want to take the results once the content / document  is processed on given taxonomies, use it to provide appropriate suggestions to the end user. This could be easier with a REST API, not sure how Studio could help here. Any pointers?


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2 replies

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Yes, our NL API is meant to be out-of-the-box NLP/NLU capabilities where you could either leverage the core NLP functionalities (entity recognition, etc.) or use features like sentiment analysis to provide insights.  If you want to create custom taxonomies, we have our platform where you could create a custom solution to categorize text in whatever way you define.  You would use Studio to create the custom solution and platform to refine and deploy it.  I’ll wait on @monoceros to answer some of the more Studio-specific questions.


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Dear @mmurugesan, thanks for your interesting in Studio!

I am the right person to drive into our IDE:

to reply your question, yes: you need Studio to customize the rule-based (symbolic) model and the taxonomies.
The best resource for Studio are the following:

To test a production workflow with a customized knowledge model (.cpk) you can use the Studio Local Deployment Agent, that will provide for you a local REST API server where you can load your customization.

Please, let me know if I can support you further.


Francesco Baldassarri