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  • 29 July 2021
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Over two hackathons, I have created two Amazon Alexa Skills that integrate with textual analysis APIs. Source code is available on GitHub (see links below).


Sentiment Expert
Sentiment Expert is an Amazon Alexa skill that uses sentiment analysis to measure sentiment in the user's utterance. Rather than just providing raw measurements, Sentiment Expert challenges the user to match target measurements for positive and negative measurements, with higher scores awarded for proximity to the targets.
Sentiment Expert was built as an Alexa voice interaction model (a set of JSON files) with an AWS Lambda back end written in Node.js. The back end code makes calls to the sentiment analysis API. 


Typical Topical
Typical Topical is a demonstration game that challenges you to say things that meet a target you are given for topic, behavior type and emotion type. You score based on how closely you meet those targets. The skill uses textual analysis from to detect and determine the topic, the behavior described and the emotion expressed in the statements you make.
I used the Alexa Skills Kit SDK, creating interaction models in JSON and back-end processing as an AWS Lambda function using Node.js. I use the list of topics, and the hierarchies of behavioral traits and emotional traits to generate targets for the user to meet. After receiving a user utterance from Alexa, I send the utterance in parallel to three NL APIs: analyze to detect a topic, categorize/behavioral-traits to detect behavior, and categorize/emotional-traits to detect emotions. Scoring is based on the ability of the user to utter a statement that meets the targets.

3 replies

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This is highly creative, and a great display of how many opportunities can be open by integrating NLP with common devices and needs.

Great work!

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This is incredible!  I’m going to try out these solutions soon.

Also, I’ll be reaching out to you soon to talk about how we can collaborate and find opportunities to boost you and your work.

Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Really thanks for sharing! Your contribution is amazing! We want to know more! I’ll check a look on your Github repositories, I am curious! And, obviously, I’ll try them on my Echo! :D

I know you already posted a couple of threads on the community in the past, but let me welcome again on our Community. ;) 

Please, feel free to DM me for anything you need.



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